Introducing Tabitha


Lots going on here at The Fig Tree. Figs are busily ripening quietly, courgettes are sending out sunshine yellow flowers and I’ve had my first harvest.

thumb_IMG_1797_1024 thumb_IMG_1793_1024

The stripy one is courgette Piccolo. I was keen to go for more unusual courgettes this year and this one hit the mark. You need to pick them small. The yellow one might well be the Flying Saucer squash Patty Pan.


I almost missed these Cobra Climbing beans. They start producing beans when they’re really quite short then they grow a bit and produce another crop and again and perhaps again….will have to see! It means less successional sowing which is a win win in my eyes.


I thought this was some kind of sugar snap pea but couldn’t remember planting it. Turns out it’s Blue Shelling Pea. Look….


…beautiful little peas snuggled up inside. Funny how they’re green not purple!


More delightful royal purple found with the Artichoke Purple de Jesi. I have to admit I’ve never tried to eat these. I love them for the architectural element that they provide and I have used them in a Christmas decoration which I may well do again this year.


Another bit of excitement….the greengage tree has fruit! I love this little cousin of the plum. It’s so delicious and after it’s poor harvest last year I was worried it might have had it’s day but it lives on and is thriving!


The fennel is flowering heavily right now and each umbrel is full of fennel pollen. I mentioned fennel pollen in this post in March 2014. I have to admit that I haven’t thought much about it since until a meeting with a foodie friend who has started a cool foodie business called My Kitchen Notebook. It was a joy to talk about edible flower, herbs, horseradish and liquorice root and of course fennel pollen! It actually made me inspired to go back to my old blog posts and also to start blogging again about the more unusual things that I grow and what I do with them. More of that to come……


This photo shows that even though the coriander has long gone the flowers are still delicious and quite beautiful. So the air is heavy with sheer hard work and abundance right now! I find myself walking quite a lot these days. I go from the vege garden to the flower garden to the herb garden to the nuttery to the wildflower meadow to the flower garden overflow……it’s exhausting!!!! Seed need sowings, seedlings need planting, shrubs and perennials need homes too. Everything needs watering and  of course the weeds are doing their level best to Take Over The World Mwah ha ha (evil laugh of the weeds….). I used to joke to Mr Fig that I’d need a Golf Cart to ride on around the place to save my legs. Oh how we laughed…..! However, I’ve recently found something far better than a golf cart! Introducing….Tabitha!!!


Isn’t she a beauty?! Classic moustache bar with leather look grip, 7 speed internal hub gears, full length alloy mudguards, front mount wicker style basket, alloy kickstand…… I had to look all that stuff up you understand. What I really love is THE COLOUR! and the BASKET!! The basket is so handy and not just for looking pretty with flowers! Of course I don’t really cut flowers straight into the basket because flowers should be cut straight into water. Couldn’t resist for the pic though.


So there I go… into the nuttery careful to avoid the prickly thistles…..


Might stop at the herb garden and check if the latest batch of sweet peas need watering (yes not strictly a herb at all but running out of room…)


…then a pause to admire the poppies and cornflowers mindful that their short season will be coming to a close soon….


….finishing up at the Cutting Garden to check everything is growing well and wondering when I’ll get my first zinnia…. all sounds idyllic right?! Yes well I don’t really do that. It’s more a case of zooming round doing the watering rounds, heaving hoses hither and thither and digging up hard, sun baked soil to plant yet more seedlings! But have to say I loooooove Tabitha! And she reminds me of being little when I used to zoom around on my red bike with Mr Snoopy clamped firmly behind the saddle….


Happy gardening!


8 thoughts on “Introducing Tabitha

  1. Hello Sarah … lovely post and welcome back 😀 Yay! I so enjoyed reading this – and I’m a tad jealous. My zuccs have only gone into the ground. In fact much of my veg garden is off to a slow start – but with loads of love though. I need a Tabitha – but I have no idea how I would ride up our steep hill! Gorgeous pics – fennel pollen? Interesting 😀

    • You are off to a slow start! You are always way, way ahead of me!! still, I bet with all that gorgeous liquid fert that you put on you will soon be harvesting 🙂 Yes, I wouldn’t ride Tabitha up a hill….very flat round here! Thanks for stopping by Julie!

  2. Lovely lovely post to read from cold and very windy England! – so uplifting, and such a happy reminder of summer days which seem so far off in this cold northern hemisphere. I do love Tabitha, and her gorgeous sweet pea basket – what well-deserved ornament for your work-bike (horse)!

    • I feel the same looking at blogs in the Northern Hemisphere! I get lots of pleasure reading about England on blogs 🙂 I’m still keeping your chutney recipe in mind for my red chilies….. Tabitha adored her sweetpea adornment. She’s very photogenic! Thanks for stopping by!

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