Up and running again…..

My laptop blew up a few weeks ago and in true Fig Family style it took us ages to get round to replacing it. However, it’s been well worth the wait as we decided to plump for an Apple Mac. It’s all shiny and sleek and light as air. Rather flash in other words and I’m a little bit intimidated by it! However, turns out its full of fab features including iMovie. So, now I’m up and running again I thought I’d try my hand at compiling a little snippet of a movie featuring some of the jobs that I’ve been getting on with this Autumn. It’s not perfect and is quite possibly a bit cheesy and I’ve learnt a lot (video in landscape in particular). It was a lot of fun though and my eldest figlet really enjoyed laughing at me and telling me that I walk like a zombie and to put more energy into it!

So just a short post today but I’ve got lots to write about (especially collecting seeds) and quite possibly video too. So watch this space!


9 thoughts on “Up and running again…..

    • Good to be back! I really admire your blog and the frequency of your posts. Very dedicated and you always have something interesting to write πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Keriann for getting in touch and for your kind comments. I popped onto your blog and love your vintage fabrics. Will look out for you at the market next time! πŸ™‚

  1. I love it!! Woohoo .. what about those gummies, how flash are they? Not cheesy at all – trust me. Love the way you toss those flowers over your shoulder. How beautiful are they? Love all your quince and persimmon. Gorgeous video!!!

  2. lovely seeing you on film and your beautiful hard work – living the dream Sarah and am going to follow the blog now xxxx

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