Almost ready to cut in the Cutting Garden

It feels as if I’ve been working on my Cutting Garden for a loooong time; since about June in fact. Still I love a challenge and I’m lucky that Mr Fig is happy to lend some muscle and a sharp eye for straight lines! The Cutting Garden is being carved out from a rectangular paddock that used to be home to many, many apple trees. It is being slowly transformed into a very different kind of productive space with a fig orchard, a Nuttery, a Herb Garden and a Cut Flower Garden. This is how the Cut Flower Garden looked in June.


Pretty Bleak. It’s at times like this that you have to have a strong vision! The bare bones are in place with paths marked with weed mat and blue stakes to indicate lines of bulbs.


The next stage was building very simple edging to contain the soil and the gravel paths. I really like neatness in a garden and the straight lines please me enormously!! If only my house had this kind of order!


We spent (the Royal We) quite a bit of time flattening the path before weed matting and gravelling.


Finally the last bit of gravel was raked into place and this is the basic structure. The general idea is to start with bulbs in the spring and once these die back I’ll plant out annuals and biennials in between to grow over the dead foliage. The perimeter beds will house mainly Perennials and the sweetpeas. Dahlias will go in the central square beds. I started this project too late to do an autumn sowing of biennials like poppies, stocks and sweet williams but this will be the plan for next year.

image  image

Other structural work included adding some posts and netting for the sweetpeas that have been overwintering merrily in the greenhouse. I started with two supports but ended up needing four – there were a lot of very happy sweetpeas to re-home!

It hasn’t been all plain sailing with this project. Apart from being very time consuming we’ve had a few pests to deal with.

image  image  image

An army of Pukekoes have invaded the paddock and have taken great delight in playing in the Cutting Garden. I say playing because Pukekoes are like toddlers – they do things randomly and without much thought. So, iris bulbs were plucked from the soil, branches were snapped from perennials and the tips of tulip leaves were ripped off. Bad pukekoes! I think I’ll need to plant a hedge around for protection. However, it’s certainly not all gloom and doom. There’s plenty of colour to be seen and enjoyed even from this embyonic Cutting Patch.

image image image


image IMG_0024 image



And here’s a photo of the next part of the project; The Herb Garden. As you exit the Cutting Garden you will move through to the Herb Garden. I haven’t quite decided on a theme (if any) yet. Possibilities are Aromatherapy or perhaps a mixture of fragrance, medicinal and a few culinary. I like to keep culinary herbs near the house so there won’t be many of these. Not sure but it’ll all come together eventually! In the meantime I’m busy sowing cut flower seed and pricking out and potting on. More about that next time.




13 thoughts on “Almost ready to cut in the Cutting Garden

  1. as someone who has just completed major structural work on their veg patch, i appreciate all the work you have put in. it looks wonderful.
    your flowers too are just beautiful. i love anemones – but strangely do not have any! next time.

    • Thank you 🙂 Just can’t wait to get some colour going. Sounds as if you had a fabulous summer and Autumn this year. Hopefully we will too. Spring has been utterly disappointing with wind and rain although hopefully we’ve turned the corner with a lovely hot day today 🙂

  2. Exciting! Isn’t it wonderful starting with a clean sheet and putting in exactly what you want. I look forward to seeing it grow and grow. Do you plant your bulbs lasagne style like Sarah Raven?

    • You always have an interesting comment Anne and of course I had to look up lasagne style bulb planting immediately! I’m just planting in lines because I have the space but what a great idea for pots of colour! I think I should have planted my tulips deeper. Certainly sounds as if you can

    • I started off thinking flowers for the house but a few friends have suggested there may well be a market for cut flowers. Kiwis often sell produce at their gate with an Honesty Box system where people pay. Think I might give it a go 🙂

    • I should have included a pic of one. They are birds (about the size of a pigeon) with blue/black feathers, long red legs and a red beak. They are really gawky and look as if they shouldn’t be able to fly but they can! They are beginning to be considered a real pest by farmers because they are so destructive to crops 🙂 I’m looking forward to a few blooms too!!

  3. wow check out all that back breaking work. We’ll done The Figsters! You are an inspiration. Those flowers look stunning but oh such a long drive to your honesty box!

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