Garden Share Collective – July

Time to see what’s been happening in the garden for the Garden Share Collective hosted by Lizzie from Strayed from the Table. It’s been lovely and warm this month so I’ve been enjoying some leisurely gardening and pottering about with the green and the edible recently. I’ve been quite surprised about how much produce is in my winter vege garden.

image image

Kale and spinach are looking healthy. I recently read an article about dehydrating kale and blitzing it into a powder. This powder can then be added to anything; soups, stews, smoothies for an extra kick of powerful green-ness. I also want to try Kale chips.


Lettuce is bulking up and can now be used; a leaf here a leaf there.


Celery is doing well and I love to pick a couple of stems for dinner which means no wastage. The other thing I love about growing celery is that I know it’s spray free. Apparently celery is one of the most highly sprayed veges on the market with capsicums coming a close second.

image  image


My capsicums seem to do well in winter; small but very tasty. Chilies are sending out their chilli vibes to turn them onto chilli jam – must get onto that as I’ve used up my last pot.

image  image


I was given some raspberry plants this month by a friend who is also a garden enthusiast. We had a merry old time snooping round each others gardens; a cutting here, a few spare seeds there, a whole plant in some cases! I also got some French Sorrel (pictured above) which has a very zingy taste and some tarragon. Anyway, it pushed me into starting up the Berry Patch which is located with the fig orchard. This way I’ll be able to keep them netted from the birds. I’ll also move my 6 pots of blueberries which are safely ensconced in acid rich soil and also some strawberries that have self seeded around the place.

image  image

A strawberry flower with promises of summer and this little creeping plant is an Orange berry. Looking forward to seeing how this little fella tastes.


One more new fruit to the collection is this Mexican Guava. It fruits in autumn so something to look forward to.

image  image

Herbs are growing nicely; chamomile, fennel, dill, parsley, mint, tarragon to name a few.


Woah! Someone’s having a Bad Hair Day! Must give Mr Lemon Balm a haircut 🙂


The only disappointment has been the peas. I really thought I was ahead of myself planting them in autumn to over winter but they’ve been nibbled by critters that go bump in the night and the remaining ones have black spots so on the compost heap they’ll go.


Here are my latest pea sowings; Pea Alderman Tall climbing. I normally go for dwarf varieties but this tall variety should give me more peas. It’s supposed to grow, flower then grow again and flower and once more. Look forward to seeing what happens here as I find peas have been quite disappointing when I’ve grown them in the past – never enough!


I also decided to pop a row of Beetroot Bull’s Blood in and Beetroot Colour Blend and a row of Carrots Paris Market to get a head start on Spring. I planted my garlic on the Shortest day (just!).

image  image

These aren’t edible but I’m pleased with their progress. The tray of soil with a few blobs of green are Violet Queen Charlotte. I’m really keen to get these growing so I can make violet syrup. Might take a while but I’m very patient! The rose is one of many cuttings I took in March/April. I’m particularly pleased that this one is a success because it’s Mother plant is not looking so healthy. Not sure of it’s real name but it’s a beautiful cream rose with swirly raspberry markings and the scent is just gorgeous.

image image

Some beautiful Ranunculus are cheering up the veranda.


This little bee spent the night inside my anemone. I think he might be drunk on the nectar?!

Lots of jobs to do
More weeding
Prune roses in vege garden and beyond
Prune honeysuckle arch
More sowing of peas and beans
Transplant strawberries to their new home
Add compost to greenhouse and tidy up
Sit down with a cup of tea and choose seeds for vege garden

Enjoy your garden this month and pop over to Lizzie’s blog Strayed from the Table.  to see what other gardeners are up to around the World.



8 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective – July

  1. What a fantastic garden you have. It is so diverse and everything from your ranunculus through to this huge range of herbs are thriving. It is wonderful to see what others are growing and hare your successes and failures. How clever to put the berries into the netted part of your garden, it is a continual chore to keep them away from the birds 😀

  2. Hey Sarah so much happening in your garden! How amazing you still have capsicums growing. Mine were hauled out ages ago. I have raspberries in my insectary, but they are very invasive. Find them popping up everywhere. How beautiful are those ranunculus. .. Your garden makes me feel lazy 🙂

    • Wouldn’t call you lazy with all the organic fertiliser swooshing you do around your place! Those capsicum were planted in late summer (bought the plants at a local market) but yep I’m surprised they’re still here! raspberries are invasive but delicious!! 🙂

  3. I am yet to delve into the world of berries, I have picked out a spot for them but getting it ready is another thing. Glad you got yours moved. Also I like the idea of the kale powder, will have to give it a whirl too – i bet they wouldn’t need to long in the dehydrator either.

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