Garden Share Collective June


Time to see what’s been happening in the garden for the Garden Share Collective hosted by Lizzie from Strayed from the Table. The craziness continues in the garden this month. We’ve had a couple of frosts recently after temperatures of 23c! It’s definitely a case of dressing in lots of layers! Last time on the GSC May I was intrigued to see that some beans had self seeded and were climbing merrily up the metal wigwams…..

image  image

….not sure if they’ll last through the frosts. They’re looking a little on the sick side but if their root system survives I may well be ahead in the spring. The peas that I planted to overwinter have actually flowered and produced little peas! Although some little creature has been feasting on them…. This is the first time I’ve carried on vege gardening through the winter so we’ll have to see what happens in the spring. It’s definitely a time for Greens in the garden. The absolute stars of the Winter vege garden include

image image

Kale, Spinach, Silverbeet (chard) and Pak Choi. I really love being able to pick my own greens because I know they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals and that they are as fresh as can be. Also so much cheaper and I find I waste a lot less because I only pick what I need.


Still enjoying lots of colour from calendular. I had to weed a lot of seedlings that had appeared in the gravel path but they were easy to pull up and I’ve left loads in the beds so come Spring the colour will continue.

image image

More colour from rose hips and from the leaves of my blueberries. I’ve planted the blueberries in tubs full of acidic soil. I’ve never had much luck with blueberries but I remembered that a friend of mine grew a blueberry in a large pot for years. She even transported it from London to Kent and (as far as I know) it still thrives today. It was such a prolific plant literally dripping in berries so, with a little bit of molly coddling, I too am hoping for this kind of dripping berry action.

image  image

Lemons are looking good and limes are flourishing too. Looking forward to making some lime yoghurt muffins.  The grapefruit doesn’t seem to mind the frost at all. I bought a little guava fruit bush in a sale the other day and I’m hoping that this time next year I can add that fruit to the harvest. The variety of guava we generally get here in New Zealand are the little gob stopper sized ones. Perfect for nibbling and popping in a lunchbox.


I’m really pleased with the artichokes ‘Purple de Jesi’ that I sowed last Spring. I’m hoping for beautiful purple artichokes next Spring but for the moment I’m enjoying their architectural spikiness.

Jobs To Do


It’s a lot of weeding and tidying at the moment.
Clear a path around the greenhouse so I can store all my pots behind it
Clean out the greenhouse
Plant out garlic
Add manure to the squash bed
Sow some more beetroot and carrot
Sow Queen Charlotte violets to make syrup
Sow more sweetpeas
Sow Coriander and dill (they do so well in the colder months)

Lastly, the most delightful fruit that cheers me up on a cold day – the persimmon. Beautiful peeled and sliced into fruit salad or eaten on it’s own. It has a slightly nutty taste and is hard like an apple. I always think the tree looks like a Christmas tree all lit up when the sun shines on the golden orbs. Happy Gardening and pop over to Strayed from the Table to see what other gardeners are up to around the world.





10 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective June

    • Our frosts are pretty light and we don’t get them every day so a well established citrus bush can cope quite happily. If I lived in the South Island I’d definitely be protecting them. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • I don’t think I’ll ever take my citrus bushes for granted as it’s such a treat to pick them! I’d never heard of a persimmon either until we moved here 🙂

  1. Hi Sarah … your garden is looking great! I haven’t had any luck with blueberries either. Not sure why. Your lemons look amazing! I got given more persimmon the other day – they are divine stewed with feijoas. 🙂

  2. Your garden sounds like it’s still really productive. It will be interesting to see how the peas and beans do overwinter. Did you manage to pick any peas for yourself before they were nibbled by your garden visitor?

  3. oh sarah, i’m now so envious! you have so much going on at the moment. what a joy it would be to pick your own lemons and limes – perfect zestiness for getting thru the colder days.
    i’ve never eaten a persimmon, but don’t the fruit on the tree look cheery in the winter sunshine? like decorations 🙂
    i hope everything i okay after the frosts. we don’t get many here but they can be so damaging – it’s probably another reason i limit my winter gardening. i cant bear the heartache.

    • Winter gardening is new to me so it’s all a bit of a mystery as to what veges will do well etc. The beans re seeded themselves so at least I didn’t spend anytime sowing them myself!! I love the citrus at this time of the year and the persimmon really is a cheery little fruit! 🙂

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