Super Foaming Handwash


Look at any bottle of hand soap on the market today and you will notice that the first ingredient in often Water. The rest of the ingredients are probably chemicals with incredibly long names but lets stick with water for the moment. It seems a little crazy to be spending so much money on a product that we can get from our kitchen tap doesn’t it? This only really struck me when I made my own foaming hand wash. I’ve been using this for about 2 years and it’s a good no nonsense, no frills soap that the kids love to use too. You can vary the fragrance for a change and it takes mere minutes to make. You will need an old Foaming Soap Dispenser so perhaps collect a few before you switch to making your own because you won’t want to buy commercial ones after giving this a try!


Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap (any fragrance)
Almond oil
Essential oil (optional)


Start by taking a clean foaming hand wash bottle and filling it with tap water. Leave a good few centimetres of space for the other ingredients. The foaming hand wash lid is quite bulky and you don’t want it to over flow.



Add 1 Tablespoon of Dr Bronner’s liquid soap to the water.


Add 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil. You can also add some essential oils too at this stage. I love using citrusy oils like tangerine, lime and sweet orange.




Put on the lid and hey presto!



It looks exactly the same as commercially bought Foaming hand wash but it feels and smells much better and it’s a fraction of the cost! Frugal and Functional and (if you add some essential oils) a little bit Fancy too!


10 thoughts on “Super Foaming Handwash

  1. HI I have some sweet almond oil that I use for cleaning my shower screen do you think that would be ok? I dont know is it different to almond oil? Thanks Sal

    • Hi Sal, I’m not sure if sweet almond oil is good for cleaning shower screens. I use my minty cleaner to clean mine. I do know that sweet almond oil is skin safe and that the other almond oil isn’t. Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

  2. Hi I made the hand wash and it is lovely, smells great, cleans well and is kind to my hands but it does not foam nor get very soapy. I wondered if it was because of the dispenser, I have a collection of nice pump style that I am using but I wondered if this is the problem and it is the dispenser type that makes it foam?

    • Hi Sally, This recipe only works with a Foaming Dispenser. The normal dispensers that contain a gel like soap won’t work at all. It’s the pumping action of the Foaming Dispensers that turns it into foam. Get one of those and it’ll foam up beautifully!

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