Garden Share Collective May


Do you know what? I’ve been blogging for over  a year now! My first post was all about making Quince Jelly on 1st May 2013. I’m a bit late celebrating my Blog-iversary but I began thinking about what I loved blogging about the most and it’s the Garden Share Collective posts. So, to celebrate my One Year here is my May contribution to Lizzie’s Garden Share Collective from Strayed from the Table.

Its been a blissful Autumn so far; warm, sunny days with a nip in the air in the morning and evening.  If an alien landed in my garden in the day they might be forgiven for thinking its Spring. I have some confused plants in the vege garden at the moment. Remember all the trays of Calendular seeds that I sowed in the Spring?

image  image

Well, look at the seedlings that have merrily and quite wantonly self seeded in the gravel paths and beds!! Some are even flowering.


Remember the Nasturtians ‘Peach Melba’ I planted to scramble between the courgettes? The courgettes really swamped it but look at it now!


I also spotted some beans that have self seeded (I think they must be French Beans)…


…and look what I found in the strawberry patch? A plump, juicy strawberry; three in fact.


Not sure what to do about the Florence Fennel. I thought it had all gone to seed but I have quite a few healthy plants. I’m wondering if a cold spell over winter might fatten their bulbs? I love the experimental aspect of vege gardening!


I might even see an Echinacea flower this autumn. I sowed these in the Spring and wasn’t expecting to see anything until next summer but here is a little bud. Crazy flower.


Back to normality now and here are my beautiful crisp Pak Choi destined for a stir fry or two….

image  image

…some healthy looking peas…

image  image

…and spinach and silverbeet swamped with calendular seedlings…

image image

Grapefruit and lemons are ripening…


…and limes are as prolific as ever. I’m tempted to try a Lavender and Lime Drizzle cake from Tales from The Farmhouse. It sounds delicious and I have plenty of lavender to make the sugar.


Celery is looking healthy and doing a good impersonation of parsley!


Ah no here’s the parsley and fennel..


…and some self sown dill. Veges and herbs really are your friends; always willing to grow and save you a job 🙂

image image

Here are some quintessential Autumnal photos; the very last of the quince and the prickly hedgehog of a nut Horse Chestnut.


For the southern Hemisphere folk amongst you this fruit is easily recognised as the feijoa. It has a smooth green skin and is generally eaten like a kiwi fruit; cut it in half and scoop out the soft green flesh inside. I’d love to say I enjoy eating feijoas. I have three trees laden with them every Autumn. However, I think they taste like antiseptic. sad but true. Mr Fig and the Figlets adore them though! It is definitely a Kiwi Thing and if you are averse to the feijoa then Be Wary. You will find feijoas slipped innocently into juices, desserts, even ice cream. Eek!

To Do

The greatest thing about blogging is you can Hide A Multitude of Sins that occur in every garden. The weeds in my garden are positively rampaging through the beds. There is a pile of broken plastic pots and other gardening rubbish to be sorted, seeds to be sorted out, spring onions to plant, a big bonfire to burn, limes to be juiced and frozen, prickly horse chestnuts to be raked up and on and on….


I think I might have a seat in my new (or rather second hand) chair and contemplate my To Do List for a few minutes! Have fun in your garden this month 🙂


16 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective May

  1. Your garden’s looking great. We tackled ours yesterday, taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend to get the place looking neat and ready for summer. I’m thinking of planting myself a little herb garden at the very end of my veg patch nearest the house. Just trying to work out what will grow outside. I keep basil very successfully on my kitchen windowsill, but don’t seem to be able to get flat leaf parsley or coriander to last longer than a week or so indoors. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and must get back into mine – I did a little makeover on a garden bench yesterday and took some before and after pics so perhaps I’ll start with that! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

    • I find that coriander and dill do better in the autumn/winter for me otherwise they both bolt and go to seed in the heat. Try and get French tarragon; that’s a wonderful herb for cooking. I keep forgetting to mention tarragon in my posts! I really hope you do get back to blogging. I’d love to hear more about your Farmhouse Lifestyle! 🙂

  2. A belated ‘happy anniversary’ to you and your blog! I love the range of produce you have from your garden – I didn’t realise you could grow both citrus fruits and sweet chestnuts in the same place. Hope you get plenty more warm autumn days to enjoy sitting in that chair and thinking about the garden!

    • Yes I can’t resist Calendular either and I’m hoping they’ll provide a bit of colour through winter! I’m going to make a balm from the Calendular petals that I gathered and dried in the summer for bumps and bruises – just in time for hockey and rugby season! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. happy birthday to your blog! a big achievement, the first year! thank you for sharing all the interestign things you grow – everything looks fresh and softly green.
    feijoas remind me of my childhood growing up in western sydney – we had a huge tree in the backyard. i don’t recall ever eating the fruit, but the flowers were so pretty.

    • Yes they do have a pretty flower don’t they – a bit like a bottle brush or pohutukawa. I also love their evergreen foliage that’s great for greenery in a vase. Just wish they tasted like a kiwi fruit 🙂 thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Thank you for those lovely comments! It’s lovely to share my garden with other like minded people. I’ve learnt such a lot from the GSC too. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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