DIY Face Scrub


We’re on Easter holidays at the moment and it’s been lovely to take a break from the usual routine and enjoy some lazy days. I’ve been a real squirrel over summer harvesting and drying flowers for potions and teas and now that I have some time I thought I’d whip up a batch of incredibly easy facial scrub from The Holistic Beauty Book by Star Khechara. It’s called Fairy Face Scrub but I call it Garden Scrub (!) because many of the ingredients came from my garden 🙂 The best bit about this recipe is that I get to use one of my latest gadgets; The Grinder. When I first bought it I loved grinding up all sorts of things. I loved the grrrrr grrrrrr grrrrrr that reduced the substance to dust. Now I tend to grind in large batches. I’ll dry a couple of orange skins and grind them up and store them in a glass jar so I can get a good few potions out of one grinding session.


I got these for Christmas from my sister. They are the cutest measuring cups ever and they are dinky sized so can measure spoon measurements. I adore using these for my potions. I only ever make small batches of any homemade potion because I don’t use preservatives so need to measure in tiny amounts – perfect!

2 Tbsp ground almonds
1 Tbsp fine oatmeal
4 tsp powdered dried rose petals
4 tsp powdered dried orange peel
4 tsp powdered dried lavender flowers
4 tsp finely grated cocoa butter
1 Tbsp mango butter, roughly chopped
2 tsp almond oil (or more if a little dry)

The ingredients are just gorgeous aren’t they!


These petals haven’t retained their scent as much as I’d have liked but there is still some colour. Apparently the best rose to dry is Rosa gallica officinalis or the apothecary’s Rose which is more fragrant dried than fresh. I’ll be looking out for one next Spring.


Here is the beautiful ground up orange peel that made my house smell so delicious as it was drying. I also use dried orange peel (in chunks not powdered) when I make fire starters (more about that in the winter).


Oats and ground almonds are probably in your cupboard right now.


You just need two types of butter for this recipe; mango and cocoa butter. Mango butter is the large white lump and cocoa butter is the yellow/creamy coloured one.


1 teaspoon of lavender going in…. anyway, here’s how I make Garden Scrub. Grind up the oatmeal if it looks a bit too chunky. Then grind the rose petals, orange peel and lavender flowers.


Put all the dry ingredients in  bowl.


and grate in the coco butter.


Give it all a good stir and you will begin to see the texture of the face scrub come together.


Add the roughly chopped mango fat.


Finally add the almond oil. Give it all a good stir and you will get a thick paste like consistency.


Spoon it into a pretty jar and firm down. It looks good enough to eat but don’t! To use, put a small blob into your palm and mix with a little warm water. Rub gently over your face to reveal silky smooth skin! The butters leave your skin really smooth and soft and the scent of orange and lavender will linger to remind you of those sunny days pottering in the garden.



12 thoughts on “DIY Face Scrub

  1. Wow what a fantastic scrub. I LOVE those little cups. Bet you love using them!!!! Wow it would be amazing using this scrub in the shower. Heavenly. Mx

  2. Great blg post Sarah. Last summer I bought the salt grains and oils to make some lavender body scrub using lavender from the garden but ended up using all my dried lavender in cake instead! Love the look of what you did though so will hopefully get around to giving yours a try instead 🙂

    • Lavender cake is something I’ve been meaning to try! Is your recipe on your blog? Are all Lavender varieties edible? Thanks for stopping by. Your oat and date slice looks lovely. We’re back to school next week so I might try it in the figlets’ lunchboxes 🙂

      • There’s a lavender and lemon biscuit recipe and also a lavender and lime drizzle which is my personal favourite. It’s definitely worth using the lavender sugar in the drizzle rather than plain as it really makes a difference. As far as I know lavender is edible regardless of variety as it seems to be widely used in cooking these days, though I may be wrong there 🙂

    • Thank you so much Merryn! Definitely save some rose petals – they look gorgeous in a storage jar and can be used for all sorts of lotions and potions. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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