Flowers in a Vase – A Splash of Late Summer Colour


It’s been a while since I’ve linked to Monday’s meme hosted by the lovely Cathy at Rambling in the garden. I’ve been very busy harvesting figs and I’ve also started another very exciting new job. So I’m really pleased to have found the time to contribute this week. In fact I just couldn’t resist. On my way round the garden Seed Spotting I just had to pick a bunch of colour for the house. This is what I saw…..

image image

Pink Cosmos is such a joy in the garden. It is the easiest flower to grow from seed and it goes on, and on and on. We are well into autumn here in NZ and I can still pick vases and vases full of bright pink Cosmos. A real pick and plonk flower and I love it for it’s simplicity.

image image

I decided to add some ‘Love Lies Bleeding’. I grew this from seed. In fact I grow it from seed every year because it’s so easy to grow and I am fascinated by this unusual plant. It’s heavy, lime green tendrils fall like dreadlocks and add an exotic touch to any vase.


It’s such a tactile plant! Like a cat’s tail or a bird’s plumage.

image image

They say that every vase needs a ‘Star’ and there is no star like this Lily that grows like a weed in clumps around my garden every year in late summer. My Mother-in-Law calls them Naked Ladies because they have no leaves. They simply grow on long purple stems straight from the bulb. Did I mention the scent? The scent of these lilies is Out of This World. Absolutely exquisite without being sickly. I can’t bear those showy, ostentatious lilies that can knock you senseless with their cloying perfume at 20 paces and stain everything around them with their yellow pollen. These delicate little beauties are far too sophisticated and instead scent the air with a delicate perfume that delights rather than intoxicates.

image image

I love the contrast of the bold hot pink and the soft pink and the acid green.


Enjoy my little splash of colour. A simple vase that brings a lot of joy as summer ebbs away to welcome the subtle charms of Autumn….. Pop over to Cathy’s meme at Rambling in the garden and see the other offerings from around the world.


11 thoughts on “Flowers in a Vase – A Splash of Late Summer Colour

  1. Such summer beauty Sarah – I am just thinking about sowing cosmos and amaranthus in my greenhouse so it will be many weeks till we are enjoying such flowers here in the UK. You are so lucky to be harvesting figs! It is nice to see you back on Cathy’s blog with a vase – I hope you will be able to find time to continue – I am intrigued to know what grows in NZ through the autumn and winter.

    • Ha ha so am I!! Yes I’m pleased to have joined in again. I have to say I might have to get really creative once all the pretty blooms have gone. Cathy has been very inspirational throughout the UK autumn and winter so I will do my best! I think I’ll also have to take inspiration from your groupings of flowers in different vases. Love the effect.

  2. I love the ‘pick and plonk’ description – that’s all I had ever done before so the vase meme has been such an incentive to expand my horizons, and yet pick and plonk still works so well as your vase has shown. I am growing cosmos and amaranthus (but not a green one – or does it change from green to red?) from seed so will be plonking them later in the year too. The lilies are gorgeous and you have sold their delights so well – shame we don’t know what variety they are! Thank you so much for contributing again as soon as your time permitted – hope your new job is going well 🙂

    • Thanks Cathy. Yes, sorry I’m a bit rubbish with the names of flowers. I inherited such a lot of plants in the garden that I really need to take them to a garden centre to be identified. One day…..

      • Oh I know you weren’t!!!! But I really must get some of my favourites identified. Do you know…. I’m really looking forward to planning my cutting garden. It’ll be all new and I will give each plant a Big Name Tag!!! 🙂 you must be so pleased with how successful your meme has been. It’s been lovely watching your creativity over the months 🙂

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