Fresh Air


It’s the first week of the Autumn Challenge from Green Urban Living and it’s all about Ditching The Chemicals. I’ve written quite a lot about how I’ve reduced the chemical load in my house; not just cleaning products but beauty products too. I’ve been testing another green idea to replace what I think are one of the filthiest, nastiest chemical products you can buy – air freshener. Maybe it’s just me but the scent of “fake smell” in a can is repulsive. I think I’d rather put up with the stinky smell rather than a chemical concoction. The funny thing is you can always still smell the bad smell even after the freshener!

So, how do we deal with the Whiffy and Unpleasant in the Fig Household? Well, we open lots of windows but of course, in the winter when it’s too cold, I make my own natural air freshener. I prefer to call it House Perfume because it is delectable and fresh and definitely sniff-worthy. It also lifts moods and causes springs in the steps of the sniffer. Here’s how I make House Perfume.


Take a little glass preserving jar with a screw band lid. I found this one at Mitre 10, our local DIY store.


Fill the jar with Baking Soda and about 20 drops of your favourite essential oils. I used Fennel (because I am a fennel freak) and grapefruit. This is quite a zingy, springy combination great for a bathroom. For a wardrobe use cloves and tea tree to deter mould and stale air; for a bedroom try geranium and rose. Don’t forget the humble peppermint too for the kitchen.


Give it a good stir.


At this point you can either leave your little jar uncovered or you can cover with a piece of thin fabric and secure with a ribbon or you can do the following. Take a piece of paper and draw around the inner circle of the lid and cut out.


Place the circle inside the screw band part of the lid and screw onto the little jar. Take a pin or a needle and make little perforations all over the paper in a random fashion (or straight lines…anything goes!)


Mmmmmmm…..the essentials oils are snaking there way through the holes as I type. A great, natural way to perfume your home for next to nothing. It can be updated to suit the seasons or your mood and might make a cute little gift. Enjoy experimenting and enjoying waltzing past those cans of chemicals in the supermarket šŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. What a delicious idea! I’m just reading a book about chemicals and poisons in food and clothing…gives you the creeps! Especially the expensive ones like Prada etc. don’t care one bit and soak their stuff in the most awful poisons (glad I’m not into fashion and can’t afford that type of thing!). No wonder cancer is having a hell of a good time. We also don’t know what these room fresheners do to our lungs.

  2. I hate air fresheners. I can understand why people use them in their loo, but why do they put them all around the house charging the air with their foul smell. Sorry, bit of a rant there. Anyway, this looks a wonderful idea to leave in the bathroom and maybe I’ll make one for the wardrobe too.

  3. Great idea. I hate those smelly fake freshener so eww plus the plug in ones are a fire risk! Good for anyone wanting to reduce some smells. Actually I never bother but this is a wonderful alternative. Mx

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