Flowers in a vase – everything is rosey

The vase for this Monday’s meme hosted by the lovely Cathy at Rambling in the garden was an experiment with oasis. I don’t really use oasis because I’m not much of an “arranger”; I like to plonk and go so to speak. However, I saw some in a local shop and thought I’d try it out. I have been planning on cutting some roses so I can really enjoy their scented loveliness up close and I often struggle to make roses sit up straight and behave so perhaps the oasis will do the trick….

One of my favourite roses is a pale lavender colour and has the most rosey scent ever; it is aptly named ‘Heaven Scent’. I’ve only had this rose for a year but it is pickled in blooms. I managed to take some cuttings from it last year and one of the cuttings is now in bloom too.


Isn’t it just gorgeous. I love yellow and lilac as a colour combination so chose to include another rose called ‘Casino’. This rose is a climber and is also scented and ideal as a cut flower. I chose it last winter and wanted it to grow over a trellis archway in my vege garden. Now it’s summer and it’s an absolute delight as I can enjoy it in all it’s scented, yellowy loveliness every time I walk through to the greenhouse.


It’s a very pale lemony yellow; very subtle. For foliage I spotted a Pseudopanax Cyril Watson. Are you impressed I know the name?! I have to admit I kept the label on this one. I was attracted to the seed head which being a lime green colour really suited the lilac and yellow of the roses. The trifoliate leaf shape is also slightly unusual.


Finally I found a little clump of flowers in a bed I’m clearing. Of course I don’t know what it is or what it’s called but it must be a bulb of some sort and it has leaves like thick blades of grass. Anyway, I thought it’d look great stuck randomly throughout the display. See, I always revert back to randomness even when using oasis!


It’s very sweet isn’t it. Looks a lot like lavender but there is no scent at all. It’s also got a really sturdy little stem so an absolute breeze pushing into the oasis.


It was a nice sunny day so I accessorised with props that I was planning on using after writing this post! The oasis made arranging these blooms an absolute breeze! They were so well behaved; not a twist or a turn out of place. I suppose I should also mention that I used a gravy boat for the vase! I love it’s little feet!


Here’s a bird’s eye view…..


….and one from the back.


So this is my offering for this Monday’s Flowers in a Vase, as part of  Cathy’s inspiring and wonderful meme at Rambling in the garden. Pop along and have a look and perhaps be inspired to join in.


16 thoughts on “Flowers in a vase – everything is rosey

  1. That lilac rose is so beautiful! Loving admiring your gorgeous blooms in the middle of our winter – although bizarrely, probably as it’s been so mild here, I just noticed a lone yellow rose brightening up our drive.

  2. You are making me long for summer Sarah! Those roses are divine and I love your table in your sunny garden. I can just imagine you sitting there enjoying your arrangement with a cup of tea and the chickens clucking around your feet. Oh well, I had better put my winter layers on and go out and feed my brood.

    • It’s my favourite spot Julie. Underneath the plum tree! You’re right about the chickens too. They love to eat the fallen plums or, if they’re lucky, a crumb from my plate!

  3. What a pretty colour your ‘Heaven Scent’ is – and such a perfect shape too. Even though I think I am not especially keen on yellow roses you are right that these two make a real complementary twosome! I think your mystery plant might be Liriope muscari – look it up and see if it is the same. I have both this colour and a white one but neither has flowered properly yet. Your Pseudopanax thingy is a great filler and now I shall have to look THAT up! It seems strange looking at your lovely summery arrangement when we are in the middle of ‘winter’, but the days are getting noticeably longer and it is properly light till after 4.30 now. Thanks so much for joining in with this meme – and enjoy your codewords (I do too!)!

    • Liriope muscari….I will definitely look that up when I get back from my holiday. I know what you mean about yellow roses. I was never a fan of them but it’s funny how one day you suddenly get a change of heart! I have to admit I feel a bit of a fraud doing your meme in the summer when you guys are in the winter…..however I’ll have the same challenge in my winter I suppose!! 🙂

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