Flowers in a Vase – is it a bird? Is it a plane?


The vase for this Monday’s meme hosted by the lovely Cathy at Rambling in the garden received immediate reactions from The Figs. Mr Fig said “Does it fly?” (cheeky monkey) and eldest Figlet said “It looks like a Big Hug!” It all started with a few stems of Eucomis that were on their way out or a Bit Wonky. I thought I could easily sacrifice them from the garden bed without leaving a gap. These flowers are my favourite kind of flower; architectural, interesting from bud to flower to seed head and…… a bit eccentric.


I love the little green pineapple hat that it wears at the top of the flower (probably why they’re nicknamed Pineapple Lily). I then picked three dahlias that sprouted up amongst the sunflowers in the vege garden. Two of the stems were Very Short but I thought I could get away with it.


Dahlias are also some of my favourite flowers for their showiness and the variety. I wasn’t sure at this point what kind of foliage to use. However, as I left the vege garden it jumped out at me. I have a big clump of Cinnamon Basil that has seeded with beautiful purple flowers. It had got quite substantial so I thought I’d try it out in a vase. Mmmmm….a nice basil-y scented vase.


I have a wonderful white hydrangea that turns a gorgeous lime green over time. I added a few of these to lighten the overall effect.


The last addition is my Knatia ‘Red Cherries’ that grows pretty much all year round and flowers endlessly. I even like the seed heads too.


So there you have it. A plane……


or a Hug in A Vase! Eldest Figlet helped me accessorise the table…..

image    image

and very cute it turned out to be too!


So this is my offering for this Monday’s Flowers in a Vase, as part of  Cathy’s inspiring and wonderful meme at Rambling in the garden. Pop along and have a look and perhaps be inspired to join in.



16 thoughts on “Flowers in a Vase – is it a bird? Is it a plane?

    • Thanks Annette! I know exactly what you mean. Cutting exquisite flowers for a transitory vase is a tricky one but I treat flowers as I treat my other lovely things (like the dinner service and glasses I received as wedding gifts) – I use them and I delight in them! My Mum once said, “Don’t keep things for best; use them and enjoy them.” Wise words and ones that I use when cutting precious blooms! Also, I grew these Eucomis from bulbs about 3 years ago so they are well established and I have about 8 blooms left – you’d never know I’d swiped a few 🙂 thanks for your comments and for stopping by 🙂 Are you tempted to join this weekly meme? I stopped by your blog and see that you know lots about gardening!

  1. I love it Sarah – summer in a vase!! I have never grown Eucomis, but may well give them a try now that I have seen how spectacular they look.It is lovely to see your dahlias and hydrangea – we have a long time to go before we can enjoy such delights in our English garden. I am really enjoying your blog – glad I found you through Cathy’s meme.

    • Thanks so much for your comments Julie. I too am enjoying your blog. I think we’re both trying to create woodland walks although you are 4 years ahead of me! Hope you put a few posts up about that 🙂

  2. How lovely that the whole family is involved – this meme gets better all the time! I love the spontaneity of going with the flow on a Monday and just seeing what catches the eye, as you have done with your eucomis and basil. I have just ordered some eucomis (compact greenish ones) but I can’t see myself wanting to cut them for a few years yet, but I understand what your Mum meant when she said to use things and enjoy them and I am pleased I felt able to cut witch hazel today for the first time so I can enjoy it inside and out. The Golfer is not keen on the concept of ‘cut flowers’ but as I aim to have some cutting beds this year perhaps I can gradually win him over… 😉 Roll on next week….

    • I’m really enjoying this meme Cathy. It’s funny but I used to cut flowers and make up a vase when we had visitors whereas now I’m creating vases for me! I hope you win the Golfer around…..! See you next week 🙂

  3. A lovely summer vase, very cheering for a January day. Such gorgeous colours. I love Eucomis and keep finding new ones to add to my collection. I don’t think I could bring myself to pick it though.

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