Flowers in a Vase – Honey Honey


I almost got blown away whilst selcting flowers for my first vase of the new year (nothing like a bit of hyperbole to start a post!). It is seriously windy though with winds reaching about 80km an hour and temperatures of 30c. Crazy weather! You’d think that I’d be inundated with a vast array of flowers to choose from since it’s well into summer wouldn’t you? Well, I was thinking Slim Pickings as I wondered round the garden trying to keep my hair out of my eyes. The roses are in bud for their second flush but no flowers, the lupins are long gone, the delphiniums are nearly flowering for the second time but not quite, the agapanthus are too ginormous (some of the flowers are as big as my head I kid you not), the penstemons are too wispy, there aren’t enough dahlias; Oh dear I think the wind has turned me into a bit of a Cranky Pants. So, I Dug Deep and decided to go a bit crazy with some wild and wonderful honeysuckle that I’ve been growing for four years now. I wouldn’t have even dreamt of using honeysuckle in a vase but I was reading Sarah Raven’s The Cutting Garden and there it was.  It is really easy to use and quite happily creates it’s own abstract shapes that are the perfect foil to a whole host of flowers.

P1020368  P1020367

I love the way the buds look like little soft claws. In fact, I almost prefer the buds to the open flower.

I also have this beautiful little burgundy iceberg that flowers practically All The Time. What a trouper! 

P1020370 P1020369

I didn’t do too much staging as you can see. The vase is resting on my telephone table and I thought my telephone notepad fitted in Quite Nicely. Even the hastily grabbed felt tip pen from Eldest Figlets vast array of stationery fits in with the colour scheme. Some things are Meant To Be. My vase really needs to be placed in a corner since I made it One Dimensional. If I had some more roses (and perhaps taller roses) I would have created a more Three Dimensional look to be admired from every possible angle! One thing I am beginning to learn from joining in with this meme is that Things Don’t Have To Be Perfect. You can quite happily snip a few blooms and plonk them in a vase and get just as much satisfaction (probably more) than a professionally bought bouquet.

I’m planning a cut flower garden in the New Garden for Autumn this year. If anyone has any favourite cutting flowers – especially trees, shrubs and perrenials then I’d love to hear from you.


So this is my offering for this Monday’s Flowers in a Vase, as part of  Cathy’s inspiring and wonderful meme at Rambling in the garden. Pop along and have a look and perhaps be inspired to join in. 


9 thoughts on “Flowers in a Vase – Honey Honey

  1. Oh I had to laugh when I read your post, Sarah – not just about the wind and your Cranky Pants feeling but also your comment about plonking things in a vase. Sums me up to a T – and definitely gives me satisfaction! I love your vase – it makes me think of afternoon tea in an English country garden for some reason. Using honeysuckle is an inspired choice, and the colour of the roses really adds to it. Let me know how long the honeysuckle lasts in water – I have been really pleased with how well the twisted hazel has lasted and shall use it again, but with it being ‘woody’ I wasn’t sure. I too am planning (well, ‘planning’ is too grand a description) a cutting garden in one or two of my veg beds – will come in useful for vases, hopefully, although the cutting garden thought came before the vase idea 😉

    • Yep plonking things in a vase is very satisfying if they turn out well!! The honeysuckle lasted about 4-5 days. I could have snipped some of the dead blooms off and perhaps replaced a few of the stems though (if I had a bit more time – but it’s summer holidays here and the kids come before flowers 🙂 ) I’d definitely use it again as the scent in the evening was wafting around the house beautifully! I am really looking forward to seeing the progress of your designated cutting patch. I have lots of flowers in my veg garden too. I bet you’ll start with a “patch” and it will grow into a full on cutting garden!!!

      • Honeysuckle in the house sounds gorgeous! My first year with a cutting patch will not be very organised, but I am quite excited about the prospect and how it might work out

  2. I love the idea of honeysuckle in the vase; it gives a lovely exuberant feel to your vase. The roses are a gorgeous colour too! Seems like we’re all thinking of a cuttings garden!

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