Garden Share Collective – January

Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve been a bit slack about blogging over the festive period but I’m back now and what better way to start my Blogging Year than with a post for the Garden Share Collective hosted by Lizzie at Strayed from the Table. So much going on in my vege garden at the moment.


Come in and have a look…..

Entrance 2

….after you….


Did you smell the honeysuckle?

I’ve been having a bit of a love hate relationship with my Spice Bed.  If you remember I nurtured some spicy seedlings all through Spring only to have them die on me when I planted them out in their allotted bed. So, I decided to throw the remaining seeds directly into the bed and look what has happened….

Caraway 1 Caraway

In just a month Caraway has gone from Zero to Hero….

Chamomile 1 Camomile

Chamomile has really gone the Extra Mile….

Hyssop  Anise Black Cumin

….Hyssop, Anise and Black Cumin are all thriving.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is looking magnificent and the Anise Hyssop in front? Well, I admit I bought a pot of it when the seedlings didn’t come through. So my spicy bed is doing well. The challenge is going to be collecting the seeds!

Courgettes Courgettes 1 courgette flower

Moving onto easier veges to grow…courgettes. This has been the best year ever for courgettes; not a mildewed leaf in sight. But the odd thing is…I Don’t Know Why…. I haven’t done anything different except make the bed larger. I’ve frozen a few bagfuls already. In winter I combine them with onion, garlic, red peppers and a tin of cherry tomatoes and top a little pile of this vege mix with a piece of pan fried fish.

Mini white cucumber Strawbs

The Pimm’s Bed is looking really beautiful with tiny little white cucumber scrambling over the tee pee in the middle and with the bright red of the strawberries and bright blue of the borage. I’m still waiting for the spinach strawberries to appear….

Spinach Strawberry

The leaves are great in a salad though; very mild flavour and their shape is pretty special with it’s serrated edge. I’ve just realised that I forgot to plant the bed with mint….

King of the Blues54 French Dwarf Beans

Beanz Meanz Business this year in my garden. The King of the Blues is providing me with more beans than foliage this year. Last year I could barely find the beans hidden amongst all the leaves; this year you can spot them a mile away. The dwarf French Beans are also wonderful. You just have to top and tail them – I like a bean that requires little effort to prepare.

Snow Peas

But the Star of the Show is the Snow Pea. I’ve tried for years to grow this sweet little vege and this year I did it! The reason I’m so pleased with my success is that we all really love snow peas and, also, they taste so much better home grown than shop bought.


I’ve finally got to grips with planting up lettuce every two weeks so we have been munching our way through salads. Planting under the Nashi Pear tree has also helped to stop it from going to seed in the heat.

Beetroot Carrots Radish

Beetroot, little round carrots and radish are all coming along nicely. My aim is to harvest them as babies and eat them with a garlicky bagna cauda dip.

Closed Sunflower Open Sunflower

I would defiitely plant more of the Golden toasted sunflower. I love to see their bright yellow heads nodding in the breeze. I’m keeping an eye on them in order to harvest their edible seeds.

Calendular Close up Calendular

Calendular have been making my vege garden look beautiful and they are so useful too. I have been cutting off their heads and drying them over the last month to make a balm for bumps and bruises.

Green Toms

Toms are coming along nicely although I thought I’d have a few more ripe ones by now.

Florence Fennel

My feathery Florence Fennel has been swamped by potatoes! These potatoes were left over accidentally from last year. I might harvest around the bulbs and see what happens….

Greengages   Plums

The greengages are few and far between this year but the plums are prolific! Plum jam anyone? Or in this heat perhaps plum sorbet…..

Have a great month in your garden and pop along to Strayed from the Table to read about other gardens around the world.


14 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective – January

  1. This has been a sight for sore eyes! It is a particularly grey day in this English winter, waiting for yet another Atlantic storm filled with wind and rain. You have hardened my resolve to do my seed order today!
    Happy New Year Sarah.

    • I LOVE doing seed orders! A nice cup of tea and my seed catalogue and I’m in heaven! All the fun and no hard work 🙂 hope you don’t get too much stormy weather. I’ve been watching the floods in my old home town in Kent 😦

    • Thank you! Yes I am thrilled with the Pimm’s bed especially the spinach strawberry….it’s leaves are wonderful in a salad. We had a party the other night and the Pimm’s was flowing and full of the produce from my little bed!

  2. It’s so good to see your sunny summer photos and to be able to dream of herbs and vegetables picked fresh from the garden! I like your honeysuckle-covered arch too – must smell wonderful.

  3. Hi Sarah. Wow your garden is looking fantastic. I’m so jealous. We have been away for a week, I’m nervous to see what has been happening in ours! No mildew for me either. Wonderful post Miss. Julie

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