Garden Share Collective December

It’s been an exciting month in the garden! After three days of solid rain I ventured out to take photos for this post. It was as if the plants had been taking steroids! First up is the big, beefy caullie and the strong and hearty savoy cabbage…

Caullie   Cabbage

Now for the tiniest… another teeny-tiny alchemilia mollis…..

Alc Mollis

and a weeny chilli growing from last year’s chilli plant.

Little Chill

It’s the week of the Pea it seems as my Sweet peas are flourishing as are the Greenfeast and the sugar snap peas….

Peas    Sweetpea close up    Sugar Snap peas

The spice bed is filling up with some pretty needy spice plants. I’ve molly-coddled Anise, Anise Hyssop, Hyssop and Chamomile and they don’t look too thankful for the extra love. I’m hoping they’ll love being outside in the sunshine! The Caraway, Cinnamon Basil and Lemon Grass are thriving.

Spice Bed 2  Spice Bed 1

I always get really excited when I see the first courgette flower. I really, really resent paying for courgettes in the vege shop because they are so easy to grow and so prolific! Not too long before I’m adding courgette to every meal! Every year I also say I’m going to cook with the flowers….I Never Do. It seems I’m a creature of habits so perhaps this year I’ll surprise myself.

Courgette Plant  Courgette FLower

Starting to snake their way through the courgettes and the butternut squash are the Nasturtians ‘Peach Melba’…

Peach Melba

The Pimms Bed is looking good with flowers on the mini cucumbers and the spinach strawberry looking strong. Those mini cucumbers will be perfect for the Figlet’s lunchboxes too. Looking forward to the day when the Figlets can pop into the garden before school to pick some goodies for their lunchbox. Happy Days!

Pimms Bed

The beetroot is looking great and so are the red bunching onions…

Beetroot  red bunchng onions

I’ve been a bit random with the tomato planting this year because I ran out of space. I heard Mr Fig mutter that I’d planted them too close AGAIN. These backseat gardeners think they know it all don’t they!! The other task that evokes dark mutterings from Mr Fig is “pinching out” the laterals on the tomatoes. Now I admit that I have been known to use secateurs to “pinch out” the giant laterals from my toms but they still seem to produce lots of fruit so it all works out in the end.

Oops! Spotted One!

Tom with lateral

Ah…that’s better!

Tom without pinching

I’ve harvested 280g of tomatoes so far! I’ve decided this year to record the yields of everything I harvest. Is that a bit trainspotter-ish? Should I be sporting a blue anorak and a thermos flask? Maybe, but I’ll be recording them on my new Facebook page and on here so I’ll see if I get any comments.


I’m thrilled with my sunflowers! It was Touch and Go for a while there as it seems to be with many things that I grow. I gave them some fertiliser and they perked up and grew tall and strong. They’ve got a lot more growing to do but I can’t wait to see their bright, sunny faces amongst my veges.


The garlic is ready to harvest although theoretically they say to harvest on the longest day. It’ll free up a whole bed (apart form a couple of random tomatoes and some basil). Might get some Telegraph Cucumbers growing up a wigwam in there. They’ll look great with the sunflowers behind them.


The first plum tree is ripening and the Nashi Pears are well under way so all looking good.

Plums  Nashi Pears

I have one bed that has been neglected so that is my To Do for this month. It’s the Cup of Tea bed. Now, when I planned it way back in the depths of Winter I forgot that it contained Horse Radish. You Can’t Make Tea From Horse Radish. However, I’m Going With It and will be re-organising this bed for next time.

Cup of Tea Bed

I’ll also be planting more herb seeds like parsley, basil, dill, thyme so I can make up some pots to take round to friends as gifts over the Christmas Season. Such a simple idea but always well received. Happy Gardening!

Heartsease    Lupins  Yarrow


26 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective December

  1. Wow looking amazing doll. Your jump ups look beautiful I must get some more seeds for my garden I do so love them. Wasn’t this week’s rain magical and wow the plants love it. Mx

  2. There’s so much going on in your garden – and all looking really healthy too. The nasturtium is very pretty – I only ever seem to grow the orange-flowered varieties, so I’ll need to look out for some ‘Peach Melba’ seeds next spring.

    • Yes hauling out the horseradish is on my To Do list to make your mustard! I guess I can just cut a bit out? It’s taken over though so perhaps I should take it all out and replant somewhere else??

  3. Wow your garden is really flourishing after that rain. Dont knock writing down the yields of your plants. I do it per variety so I know what grows best at my place. Why grow a tomato that only yields a kilo of fruit compared to one that does 5kg.
    I have to admit I have never cooked with my own zucchini flowers as I want them all to turn into zucchini’s instead.

    • Yep I love the rain! I know what you mean about the courgette flowers. I feel the same about artichokes but the flowers are so pretty! Thanks again for organising this Collective!

  4. What a nice idea to give herbs as Christmas gifts. I just add the zucchini (courgette) flowers to pasta sauce but many people here stuff them with ricotta and a piece of anchovy and either steam or fry them – both ways are delicious.

  5. Hi Sarah. It’s good to see things growing so well in the sunshine, when it’s so cold and miserable in England. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Funnily enough, we’ve been talking a lot about NZ recently.. I’ll be following your adventures with keen interest!

    • Thanks rusty duck for stopping by. I love the connection I get with the uk through blogging! Hope you enjoy following my garden as much as I’ll enjoy following yours 🙂

  6. hello from another garden share collective-r – a very envious one. wow, you grow so much! all those tomatoes! complete shock… i agree with you about the zucchinis (courgettes) – i resent buying them when very soon we’ll be inundated with them and won’t be able to give them away!
    thank you for a lovely look around your green, lush garden.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments! I’ve been vege gardening for 4 years and I really think I’m only just beginning to get the hang of it. This year I’ve really concentrated on growing what we like to eat but have also found time to experiment a bit with the spices and strawberry spinach etc. It’s so satisfying! Love the blogging community of the Garden Share too!

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