Lip Balm Giveaway!!

I used to sometimes listen to Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 with Kirsty Young. Celebrities are asked to imagine they were castaway on a desert island and to name their 8 favourite pieces of music, a book and a luxury item that they couldn’t do without. I’ve often wondered, in the unlikely event that I were inadvertently stranded on a desert island, what on earth would my luxury item be? It’s changed over the years from blue/black volumizing mascara and wonderbra, to hair straighteners, complete set of Friends DVDS and TV to Bodyshop kiwi fruit lip balm. Yes lip balm. In all honesty my luxury today would be lip balm but not as I knew it 15 years ago oh no. My luxury lip balm of choice today would be my own home made one. What my former mascara wearing self would say to that I’m not sure; it’s all part of the journey and my journey has decided to come almost full circle. I used to be pretty eco conscious in my teens; save the whale, anti-vivisection, save the ozone layer and a paid up member of greenpeace. Then I went to uni, graduated, got a job, got married and had children and forgot about the whales in the midst of being Generally Busy With Life. My eco self has had a chance to re-emerge albeit in a slightly different guise; growing my own veges, reducing the toxins in my house, reducing my carbon footprint, leading a simpler life and, most recently, making my own beauty products. I’m not a huge consumer of beauty products but I do like a good moisturiser and lip balm. I thought I’d start with Lip Balm.


I recently swapped some freshly chopped deciduous tree logs with a friend (she wanted to grow mushrooms) in exchange for bees wax and honey so I had two of the ingredients already for this recipe. Had a dribble of sunflower oil left in the bottle (just enough yippee) and peppermint essential oil. That’s all you need.

Bee Beautiful Lip Balm
20g beeswax
25g sunflower oil
10ml honey
Few drops of essential oil, peppermint or orange


Measure out the ingredients in a bowl that isn’t too precious to you. Melt the wax, oil and honey together in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.

Awaiting oils

Once melted carefully decant into your little pots and add a couple drops of essential oil per pot and stir through with a cocktail stick. Do this quickly as the the liquid can set really speedily! Leave to cool with the lids off and Hey Presto! You have lip balm that is free from nasty preservatives and horrible chemicals hurray! It’ll last about a year or give some away as gifts.


Mmmmm a little bit of minty luxury in a pot.

I am doing my First Giveaway! I have two little black pots of this lip smackingly yummy balm ready and waiting to go to two Good Homes!

Lip Balm Giveaway

All you need to do is answer this question….”If you were Castaway on a Desert Island and could have one luxury, what would it be?” Post your answer in the comment box below and the Winners will be announced here and on my Facebook Page on Monday 25th November. Closing date is Sunday 24th November. Winners can Message me their postal addresses on my Facebook Page. Good Luck! If you feel like returning the love then please Follow Me for more tips and hints on Living a Greener Life!


10 thoughts on “Lip Balm Giveaway!!

    • Thanks for your competition entry Anneke. Not gross at all…..I bet there are some women reading this who don’t know what a mooncup is so think we should all be talking more about them! 🙂

  1. Oooo, love this! Where do you buy those little pots from? Hmm, hard to choose but I think it’d be an espresso machine. A good shot of caffeine does wonders for the soul 🙂 Cute blog and I’m totally with you on the green living. I’m now your newest follower!

    • Hi Katrina (snap I am now your newest follower!) and thanks for entering the competition! Yes, us play at home mums definitely need a shot of caffeine in the morning! I got the pots from The Plastic Storage Company in Hastings – not sure if they’re a NZ chain? Otherwise look at they definitely stock them plus glass pots and tubs too.

    • Good to hear from you Emma! Bet London is looking gorgeous with it’s festive lights! Let me know how you get on making it. I really love mine. Couldn’t believe how simple it was to make 🙂

  2. Love the lipbalm recipe Sarah. Might just have to give that a go! And I’m with you. My handbag is not complete without a lip balm and a moisturiser before I leave the house so my luxury item on the desert island would be a yummy moisturiser…

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