Luscious Mango Body Butter

In the southern Hemisphere we are all busy getting ready for summer; sowing seeds for the vege garden, writing lists for Christmas and revving up the beauty regime to get our bods Summer Ready! The best way to do this is Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again. However, typical shop moisturisers are full of Total Rubbish; some of it is Quite Scary Rubbish too. Your typical moisturiser is an emulsion of fat, or oil and water designed to hydrate the skin and leave a coating of emollient fat or oil on the skin. Most contain petrochemical by-products, alcohol and animal fats – even the ones that are so-called Natural. These ingredients are masked by the scariest ingredient of all labelled Fragrance or Parfum on the product; this could be absolutely anything and companies are not legally obliged to divulge what it is. An alternative way is to try making your own Body Butter. This is the simplest type of moisturiser as it doesn’t contain water so will keep for a few months quite happily. You can also tinker around with the types of butter and essential oil you use making it very personal and a touch of luxury Every Day. Am I persuading you to have a go?


I think the trickiest bit to making your own cosmetics is sourcing the ingredients. If you live in New Zealand you will be well and truly spoilt having access to Go Native. Otherwise get a cup of tea and settle down to a session on the internet….you’ll be surprised how many companies are now meeting the demands of customers requiring such ingredients. Once you’ve found a source you are away and laughing.

Luscious Mango Body Butter (lasts about 6 months)

50g mango butter
50ml avocado oil
30 drops of essential oil eg ylang ylang, geranium, tangerine

You will need an old glass bowl, whisk and saucepan to make this body butter.

Add the butter and avocado oil to the glass bowl and place it over a saucepan of simmering water and melt.

Melting  Molten

remove bowl and allow to cool.  The first time I made this I thought I’d added too much oil as it Just would Not Solidify. Be Patient and it will….


Once solid have a brisk whisk to make it all fluffy and that’s it. Honest. That really is all there is to it.

Jar   Close up finished

Decant into a little glass jar. I found these at Mitre 10 (like B&Q in the UK). They are just the right size. You don’t need a big jar as this butter will only last for 6 months so just make a small quantity each time.


Label Very Clearly and include the date. You don’t want to put rancid butter on your pins.  I think I Could Do Better with my labelling…it’s a work in progress! This Body Butter literally melts into the skin. Just gently smooth on and let it sink in. Best to do this after a shower or bath and when you have a bit of time because I’d advise leaving it to totally sink in to avoid buttery stains on your clothes.

Last photo

It goes without saying that these little pots of goodness would make a gorgeous Christmas Gift. A pretty ribbon, sequins, feathers. Go Mad and Enjoy!


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