Garden Share Collective November

End shot

Last month’s Garden Share post was all about the Figs and ripping the paddock apart to make room for them. The paddock has been ripped and tilled and nearly ready to be grassed and planted up so I’ll leave that for next time. This post is all about the growing action that has taken place in just a month. The weather has really warmed up here in Hawke’s Bay and the plants are having a field day. Before I get to that here is a little Before and After shot of the vege garden. I love the gravel paths inbetween my beds but the weeds have been driving me crazy because I don’t use a weedkiller anywhere near my precious produce so we decided to weedmat the paths; a mammoth job but thankfully Mr Fig took over and told me to (in his Best Elvis Impersonation) “Step aside Little Lady!” Oh the fun we have! But look at the great job he did!

Weedmatting  After Weedmatting

Immaculate pathways that’ll make harvesting very easy. The Green house is all action with many punnets of seedlings desperate to be planted out so they can stretch their roots out and get Big and Strong. Some tomato plants are happily ripening. I’m going to try and weigh everything that I harvest this year just out of interest really.

Inside Greenhouse  Toms ripening

The Sunflowers are proving to be a bit tricksy and ever so slightly sulky. I’ve had to molly coddle them a bit as I really, really want to harvest the seeds to toast them and cover them in spices. I think they’ll be fine once I put them outside.


I’m going to show you something that I’m very proud of so please don’t laugh!

Lady's Mantle

What do you man you can’t see it? It’s to the left of the label; a teeny tiny little Alchemilla Mollis. I’m treasuring this because it’s the only one to sprout from a whole packet of seeds! I was told they were hard to grow and I can confirm that they are indeed. Other reluctant seeds have included most of the spices I want for my Spice bed. I’ve re-sown them and have them inside the house and pop them outside in the day. The chamomile is doing well but not a whisper from Caraway, Anise, Anise Hyssop or Hyssop; I’m not a very patient gardener it seems….


Here’s the Spice bed complete with Kaffir Lime tree and two little patches of Lemon Graass and Black Cumin.

Spice Bed full  Black Cumin

I’ve had great success growing Artichokes and Asparagus Peas. I’m a bit reluctant to plant the Asparagus Peas outside in case I get a repeat performance of The Masacre of the Sugar Snap Peas that occured under cover of darkness two nights ago…..Slug….you know who you are.

Artichokes  Asparagus Pea

Other success stories include my beetroot and red bunching onions, Florence Fennel, tomatoes (planted with Calendular)…. They’re all small but perfectly formed!

Toms Root Bed Florence Fennel

….oh and my courgettes and butternut squash planted with Nasturtium ‘Peach Melba’; can’t wait to see that combination! Remember the Pimm’s Bed I was creating?

Pimms Bed  Borage

It’s working quite well but I need to keep on top of the over-enthusiastic Borage! It’s really attracted the bees so so I can forgive it! The Mini white cucumbers that I planned to grow in the Winter are set around the teepee and looking strong.

Mint and pelagonium Lavender

Some cheeky mint has pushed it’s way through the veranda creating a rather striking combination with the burgundy Pelargonium and the lavender is going mad which is just as well as I have lots of plans for it; my sister sent me a fab book for my birthday all about making your own beauty products and I need some dried lavender for some of the recipes!

My plans for this month include sowing more and more seeds and hopefully I’ll have a Fig Orchard to show you. So everything in the garden is looking rosy!


19 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective November

  1. Wow our gardens look the same! I planted a whole packet of lady’s mantel last year and nothing! I even killed 2 plants I bought. Hope yours goes well. Mx

  2. It’s always the seeds you really want to grow that are the most stubborn when it comes to germination… I think they can sense the anticipation from under the soil! Your roses and lavender are looking really beautiful.

    • Thank you! Yes I know it’s so annoying. I want to grow violets in the autumn and have stashed them in the fridge to aid germination as apparently they too are hard to grow!! Why do I pick the tricky ones!!

  3. I had a lady’s mantle I brought 2 years ago, it just survives! I am envious of your weed mat paths I have grass and I am sure thats why I always have to contend with weeds! Thanks for your visit, my elderflower always self seeds and I am biffing away seedlings. Would you like some? I discovered one I mised and it is about 18 inches high. Your garden looks great.

  4. hello from another garden sharer!
    i love the colour of your lavendar and roses. so pretty. and that mint is pretty cheeky!
    and blue flowers work wonders attracting bees to the garden. i have a lot of dark inky aquilegias which do the trick for me.

  5. What a beautiful garden you’re creating and it ‘s going to be so tasty too. Love the plants you’ve chosen for your spice bed, haven’t had much success with hyssop here but planning to try again next year.. My sunflowers need clearing just as yours are starting out.

  6. A pimms garden – classic!, I will have to think of a gin & tonic bed mind you that would be lime, cucumber and maybe borage and that would be all I need or some juniper berries. Weed matting is fantastic and it will probably save you a lot of heart acre down the road when it comes to weeding. Your garden is looking great and I look forward to seeing some more figs.

  7. Aaargh – just lost a reply – I wonder if it had allusion to Customs? Anyway – I have sunflowers and in need of recipes.

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