October Garden Share Collective

There were a few obstacles in my way when I sat down to write this Garden Share Collective Post; namely the fact that I’ve been away from my garden for 4 whole weeks and secondly that my children keep hi-jacking the ipad when I want to download photos (but that’s a story for another blog!). I’ve also been suffering from Blogger’s Block (I get it too Julie) but I think that’s because of the Jet Lag and the readjustment that always hits me after returning from the UK to NZ. Anyway, what’s been happening in my garden this month?

The biggest and most impressive activity has centred around The Fig Orchard Adventure; the apples have been ripped out to make room for the figs along with a sizable portion of the shelter-break. This last activity was Mr Fig’s idea and we now suddenly have an amazing view of Te Mata Peak and the surrounding hills – what a bonus!

Shelter Belt 1  Going 2   Shelter Belt

We’ll soon be able to plant up the Fig Orchard and then cultivate the remaining paddock into garden; it sounds so simple when written down but it’s a mammoth task! The fig in bud below is just 2 months old, the figs in the photo next to them are 1 year old and the final photo shows figs that are really old!

Fig Bud  New Figs Old Figs

We also got rid of an enormous Weeping Willow that was shedding branches in a most alarming fashion.

Weeping Willow     Willow Down No Willow

More tree shots include my beautiful Quince Tree in all it’s Spring Glory.

Quince Tree Quince Close up

Then a little surprise…..

Passion Fruit

I was lucky enough to catch a Passionfruit flower in all it’s theatrical spectacular exquisiteness.


I’ve managed to get in a bit of seed sowing action since I’ve been back (I’m very behind though) and there has been a some growing action going down in the greenhouse; mini cucumbers for the pimm’s bed…

Mini Cucumber

…the great vege companion plant Calendular Nova (and perfect for the potions and lotions I’m planning to make)


….Sage Clary, Artichoke, Catmint, Tomatoes but not a sniff of agastache…not even a whiff….not sure why?

Still loads more to sow but that is a pleasure not a chore for the next month….

I finally chose a rose to clamber over the far archway in the vege garden…


It ticks all the boxes being fragrant, a repeat bloomer and a good cut flower to boot – perfect!

I’ve also been potting up baby horse chestnut trees that have self seeded in an island bed I am in the process of re-sculpting. I spotted some self sown oaks which I’ll pot up as well….might be useful for the paddock and the “Woodland walk” that I have in my head….

Horse Chestnuts

I had a bit of a surreal moment today….I had eaten the last of England’s strawberries last week and now I’m eating the first of New Zealand’s….the World is a very small place indeed 🙂



18 thoughts on “October Garden Share Collective

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  2. Hey Sarah … how nice to get a mention on someone’s else’s blog. I thought you must have been away. Big trip! Wow, you have been busy since your return .. bonus getting the view too. I had to look up agastache – had no idea what it was! Great blog as always … 🙂

    • Thank you! Yep I’m new to it too and not very successful either 😦 I was planning on lining the Chicken Walk with it to enjoy it’s minty scent but maybe not….

  3. I didn’t know strawberry season only starts in spring in New Zealand, ours finished at the start of september. Even though you have been away it looks like you have been really busy. Those seedlings are going to love their new home in the garden this month.

  4. Your fig orchard sounds wonderful, and there will be that fantastic view to enjoy too! How long will it be before the trees mature and you can sit in the shade of a fig tree heavy with fruit and stare at the hills?

    • I’m going to keep the figs to just 2 metres tall so they’re easier to pick….And will also have to net them to keep the birds off so not sure i’ll be sitting bebeath their shade. However I’m hoping to create a seating area specifically for taking in the view – that’s another project 🙂 perhaps within a herb garden which will smell delicious too?

    • I have just re-read an old The English Garden magazine and they featured a Nut Wood which looked gorgeous with its under planting of primulas, lilies and peonies…..very inspiring!

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