Easy Peasy Blackberry Jam

Close up B and Apples

I love jam; it’s really very simple. I love it’s fruitiness, stickiness and downright jamminess and I want to make it myself. I have the fruit trees in the garden and I have the recipies so it should be child’s play shouldn’t it? Well, Quite Frankly No It’s Not. I’ve lost count of my many jam disasters; the burnt saucepan left out on the wood chopping block after attempting greengage jam to which even the chocolate Labrador raised an eyebrow. Then there was the burnt grapefruit marmalade…. I thought I might be able to save it by adding to a marmalade cake. I offered a piece to Mr Fig who chewed it thoughtfully and proclaimed that he couldn’t quite put his finger on it… “…that’ll be the brunt grapefruit.” I said…. cue loud guffaws of laughter. This can’t go on so I decided to take matters into my own hands and travelled 12,000 miles to England where I knew of a Jam expert who’d been making delicious jams for years aka my Mum. We gathered some blackberries from my sister’s allotment and a couple of apples and set to work. Here are my top tips for a Fool’s Guide to making jam that doesn’t burn!!!

Blackberry and Apple Jam
Cooking time 35-40 minutes Makes 1.5kg jam

450g Blackberries
450g cooking apples (weight when peeled and cored)
2 tablespoons water
900g sugar

add Blackberries

Wash the blackberries and allow to drain well.

Cut up apples

Chop the apples and put in the preserving pan with the water and simmer gently for 10 minutes.

A and B in pan

Add the luscious blackberries and continue to cook SLOWLY. You’re looking to achieve a soft puree as the fruit softens and the fruit juices ooze out.

Add sugar

Now it’s time to add the sugar which is where it all used to go wrong for me. It’s imperative that you dissolve the sugar completely so it won’t catch on the bottom of the saucepan when you start to boil. Just keep gently stirring until there’s no grittiness to the liquid.

Turning to puree

At this point turn up the heat and start to boil. Watch out for bits of flying fruit and juice as this is a feisty little jam! I used to let my jam just boil away merrily unattended but my Mum prods and pokes with a wooden spoon checking it all the time.

Rolling Boil

Once we got to about 7 minutes of boiling we began to test for setting point. Just spoon a little onto a saucer and if it wrinkles when you prod it then setting point has been reached. I used to fuss and sigh over whether it was a wrinkle or just a pucker or crease and would boil some more just to be sure….But I will fuss no more! Simply pour the jam into sterilised jam jars and seal with lids.

Jam 1 Jam 2

Looks good doesn’t it and it tastes sublime! It does seem so simple now I’ve seen it done. I can’t wait to get back and Try Again with the first fruit of the season – plums. I’m also desperate to try greengage jam again and will be using this great recipe from My Home Makes

Close up Blackberries


15 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Blackberry Jam

  1. Your jam looks yummy – and fool-proof, which is excellent news for me! I’m very comforted to read about your jammy disasters as the more jam I make, the more I foolishly think I can do other things at the same time. This obviously leads to lots of burnt pans. And jars of preserves on my shelves with that slight burnt taste that I still optimistically think I’ll find a use for!

  2. As a Welshwoman in Oz I think you maybe able to simpathize Sarah- I miss Blackberry jam! It brings back memories of making it with my Nan at the end of the summer holidays!
    As for jammy errors- I recently made rosella jam (first time) and then found out your supposed to boil the seeds in the water first… fortunately mine worked 🙂 And have made a gorgeous orange and lime marmalade, that just wouldn’t set- not so successful. But it hasn’ put me off, and hearing that I am not alone in the jam error stakes makes me all the more determined.

    • I do sympathise! Funny what you think of and crave for when you’re far from home!! I love the way cooking and baking can evoke such lovely memories…..I’ve never heard of Rosella jam but it sounds intriguing. You’re right, mistakes in the kitchen don’t put me off either…just chalk it up to experience and laugh!

    • I love making things from FREE ingredients (sorry to gloat!!) Soft fruit is so expensive. I’m trying to grow a blackberry bush but it’s a bit slow and apparently cultivated ones aren’t as tasty as wild ones….

  3. Perfect timing… I was just about to search out a blackberry jam recipe, we have so many berries this year – and lots of apples too, I’ll be making some easy peasy jam soon!

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