The Garden Share Collective September

Spring is definitely in the air in my garden! This is perhaps the most perfect time of year; I can wonder around my garden admiring the luscious new growth, the colours, the scents and the possibilities without actually having to do any work!! As soon as I sow my first seed of the season the honeymoon is over so I relish this time enormously.

I promised to tidy out the greenhouse this month; it was pretty neglected and needed some attention to be ready for Spring.  I love a Before and After shot so here is my Greenhouse after it’s makeover.

Greenhouse Before  Greenhouse After

All ready to be filled with little seedlings!

One of my tasks from last month was to plant up the Pimms bed and I have indeed planted up the strawberries and found some borage seedlings and re-positioned. The canes in the middle will be tied at the top to make a wig wam for the mini white cucumbers that I’m going to sow. I’ll also slot in some spinach strawberries (can’t wait to see what they taste like!) and some mint. I found some tiny alpine strawberries when I was weeding and am tempted to transplant some of these too.

Pimms Bed

My vague musings about creating a Cup of Tea bed have started to take shape….

Cup of Tea Bed

…doesn’t look much at the moment but I added the Bay Tree this week after reading about a Lemon and Bay Tisane on this lovely blog. My bay tree was just plonked by the honeysuckle arch and wasn’t getting much sun so a re-positioning was ideal. I’ll remove the rather tired looking thymes and replace with Anise Hyssop, Bergamot Bee Balm, Chamomile, Fennel, Lemon balm and Lemon grass and Penny royal. Looking forward to a bit of Tea Experimenting Action!

I have a third square bed that was crying out for attention so this will now be a Spice Bed (I’m really getting into these Themes; it’s like Gardener’s World meets Disneyland!!). Here it is now with a Kaffir Lime waiting patiently to be planted…..

Spice Bed

…..and soon it will be planted up with cumin, black cumin, caraway, lemon grass, dill, fennel and anise. My basil will be planted amongst the toms this year and very happy it will be too.

I was worried that my garlic had been pulled out by the pukekoes in the orchard but look….


…perhaps they were put off by my own little pukeko family! My microgreens are growing albeit Very Slowly but here they are…

Micro greens

…and look at my gorgeous Plum Tree pickled with blossom!

Plum Tree

And look what I found today nestling in the winter veg bed…..


…the cutest little mini caullie ever!

All very exciting but I’ve saved the best to last. For those of you that have read my one and only fig post you’ll know I am about to plant up a fig orchard. I have 500 little figlets that I grew from cuttings sitting in little bags waiting to stretch their roots out in the paddock. Look what I found today….

First Fig

….the first little figlet awake from his winter slumber. Looking forward to sharing my Fig Journey with you all.

Jobs to be tackled

My main priority will be to sow all the seeds that I need for my new themed beds and all the other veg and flowers that I want to grow this year. I always get a bit over excited when we get a hint of warm weather because I know we’ll get a cold snap so I’m holding off for a bit and of course cleaning out all my seed trays in preparation (!)

Keep piling up the compost bin.

Set up the wire towers for my ‘King of the Blues’ runner beans to climb up

Add more sheep pellets to the beds and dig over


19 thoughts on “The Garden Share Collective September

    • Actually Julie the reason I am managing to be so restrained is because I’m visiting the UK at the moment so I have no choice! I have left some instructions for Mr Fig but I think he might be busy looking after the human figlets!!!

  1. Great post, I went and had a look at the lemon and bay tree tisane, definitely will be trying that, so thanks. Love your pukeko family. It is the first year I am using a greenhouse, so quite exited about that. Just spotted the previous post – armpits will definitely come back for a look at that!

  2. Lovely to see your garden embracing Spring as we head towards Autumn and that blossom is gorgeous. Intrigued by the spinach strawberries and I do like the idea of your cup of tea bed.

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  4. Spring is the best time of year, with the weather warming and the days getting longer – I’m already looking forward to next spring! It’s nice to see the spring flower photos too, a good contrast to the sunflowers here.

    • It is Alex. I’m removing a big chunk of apple trees on my orchard and replacing with figs. I love the fact that I don’t have to spray the figs with chemicals 🙂

  5. Wow, you have achieved heaps this past month. I love a before and after shot too, it makes you feel so satisfied when you have done a job and then can check back at what it did look like. I am very jealous of your cauliflower, I really want to grow them but it just doesn’t get cold enough. I hope you put him to good use like baked whole with some cheesy sauce, mmmmmm.
    Look forward to checking back again next month to see how your greenhouse is going

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