Love Your Armpits

This is a bit of an odd post; partly because we don’t really talk about armpits in general and partly because, well, what’s to say about them anyway? Well lots actually! Everyday millions of women worldwide wake up, shower and apply deodorant or anti-perspirant. I was using the Dove Limited Edition Pink Anti-perspirant complete with logos of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the NZ Breast Cancer Association on them. It also claimed to be moisturising too. All Good Then. However, on my latest quest for natural home made beauty remedies I came across one for deodorant which puzzled me somewhat. Why on earth make your own deodorant? Being the inquisitive soul that I am I began to Look Into It and what I found took my breath away. Now, I have to point out that the following hasn’t been proven but there is a chance that the aluminium content in anti-perspirants have been linked to breast cancer. I looked at the back of my Dove anti-perspirant and there is was, listed after water, Aluminium.  Hmmmm…. The Aluminium is added to stop the sweat; the aluminium actually enters the pores in the skin and blocks them. You know the funniest thing though? My anti-perspirant didn’t even do that. Yet I continued to use it. So this post is just information for you all. Check the back of your anti-perspirant and ditch it if it contains aluminium. Either buy a Green Alternative (Tea Tree ones are good) or make your own…..

I have been wearing my own home made deodorant for 2 weeks now and I’m happy to report that I still have friends! One thing I’ve noticed (and please don’t be too repulsed) is that while I do still sweat (hurray my body is functioning normally) there is (how can I put this delicately?) Less Scent. There, I said it; there is less smell and I now think, in hindsight, that my body has been rebelling against these chemicals all these years. Generally as chemicals ‘warm up’ their constituency changes. Who knows what chemical reaction was happening in my armpit all these years and what kind of chemical smell it was creating…. So, after years of this nonsense I’m going Back To Basics. Here is my recipe for Deodorant:


6 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil (get the best one you can buy)
1/4 cup Arrowroot Powder
1/4 cup Baking Soda
essential oil (optional)

The baking soda acts as the deodoriser, the arrowroot soaks up the sweat and the coconut oil holds it all together. Simple huh?

Put all the ingredients except the essential oil in a bowl.

Step 1

Using a fork mash everything together to a paste. You can add the essential oil at this point (just a few tiny drops). I didn’t add any essential oil but I might try it next time.

Step 2

Pour the crumbly paste mixture into a jar (I just used a jam jar but next time will look for a prettier option!). The first time I made this I almost gave up at this point. How on Earth can I use this crumbly stuff? Keep Calm and Persevere! Just pack the crumbly stuff into the jar and firm down. Coconut oil will be solid at room temperature in the colder months. In summer you may have to store in the fridge. If you have an old deodorant stick with a twisty bottom simply clean out the old deodorant remains and twist all the way down to the bottom and fill with your own deodorant.


With the jar method simply scrape a little mixture onto your fingertips and smooth onto your arm pit. Now I know there are a few of you who are thinking, “That Is Quite Frankly Revolting.” I too thought that but I went with it and was pleasantly surprised. The Coconut oil melts effortlessly into your warm skin and it’s rather nice.

Jar CLose up

Once you start using your deodorant you will develop an all-encompassing Paranoia that you Smell Bad and you will find yourself surreptitiously sniffing your armpits and clothes every few minutes. Let me reassure you that this is Perfectly Normal! You may move onto the phase I’m in now which is Talking to all my Friends about it and asking them how I smell!!! Now, you should only ask Good Friends; acquaintances might take offense. My friends have all been Very Interested in my Home made deodorant; some have asked for the recipe some have even shared their own deodorant journeys! Whatever you think after reading this post do think about what you put on your armpits…..go on….show them some Love!


9 thoughts on “Love Your Armpits

  1. Fab Sarah, I love this idea. A few years ago I lost my Dad to cancer and afterwards read lots of book in search of why he was taken from us. Whilst I strongly believe it was his profession that caused it (he worked with radiation and in the early days of his career didn’t take much precaution) I discovered that the everyday products we use play a huge part. I watched what i used on my children and always checked the labels of my products but lately I’ve fell by the wayside. I’ll definitely try this, (once I work out where to get all the ingredients). Thank you and happy sweating!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment. I wish I’d known about the chemicals in every day products when my children were babies and used healthier products but you live and learn and I’m using them now which is the main thing. I feel quite duped by the marketing world and really feel that we buy products that we don’t need, are harming us and that don’t work anyway!! You should be able to find all the ingredients in the baking aisle of your supermarket. Let me know how you get on (and whether you keep your friends!!!)

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I haven’t noticed any marks on my clothes at all. The powders absorb into the skin with the coconut oil and don’t mark at all 🙂

  2. Great to know. I used to buy an aluminium free deoderant, but its not generally available any more. But then if its not one chemical its probaby another. So think I will give this a try!

    • Thanks for your comment and for stopping by Liz. I agree that you have to really hunt down aluminium free deodorants. The best place to look seems to be the Health Food shops. Good luck trying the recipe and would love to know what you think of it.

  3. Interesting post. I’ve also realised that there are days when I don’t need deodorant at all. If I’m working in the farm office (on my own and it is a cold office) or not doing anything too physical and it’s not summer time then actually I don’t bother. When it’s hot or I’m going to be with people all day then I use aluminium free deodorant, which surprisingly is available in the supermarket. But maybe I’ll have to try the home made one next summer.

    • I know it’s mad isn’t it….. Crazy marketing campaigns have a lot to answer for; we don’t need deodorant everyday at all. The thing that really amazed me was the chemical smell my old deodorant used to create. I don’t get that with my homemade one at all. Will be interesting to see how it stacks up in a New Zealand summer though as it does get hot out here!! I would definitely add tea tree to my next batch for scent….

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