The Ultimate Kiwi Lolly Slice (recipe from Emma at Adventures of a London Kiwi)

One of the most surprising and wonderful off shoots of blogging has been the people I’ve “met” on other blogs. Blogging seems to bring out the best in people and it’s been a delight to follow other like minded bloggers on their blogging journeys. I was especially thrilled to happen upon Emma’s Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi and it struck me straight away that we were mirror images; Emma being a Kiwi in England and me a Brit in New Zealand.  After some cyber-chit chat we decided to each bake something from our respective countries as a Guest Blog Swap for a bit of fun. Read Emma’s yummy post below and enjoy!


Sarah’s blog is a delight to a long term expat like myself and in some ways we seemed to have swapped; I’m a Kiwi living in the bright busy lights of London, and she’s a Brit who has escaped to a far more tranquil life in New Zealand.

When Sarah ended up on my blog in her search for more Kiwi slice recipes, it was great to chat over email and deciding to swap a recipe or two. Armed with an excuse for once, I trekked to a few corners of London (again, any excuse) and tracked down the ingredients to assemble and share my absolute favourite slice in the world, the slightly misnomered Lolly Cake. Ironically, it wasn’t the Kiwi ingredients (Malt Biscuits (the UK ones aren’t quite the right texture) and Eskimos) that were hard to find, it was the coconut that took me an age and three different supermarkets…

Lolly Cake is also quite interesting as Brits call Ice Blocks Lollies causing much Faulty Towers amusement to my English husband. Sarah, have you turned to the dark side yet or is your Lolly Cake going to have Popsicle sticks hanging out it?

Crush a packet (250g) of Griffin’s Malt Biscuits into chunks – around 1/3 pulverised, 1/3 medium chunks around the size of a 5 cent coin and 1/3 large chunks around the size of a 10 cent coin.


Cut up a packet (190g) of Eskimo or Fruit Puff lollies into bite sized chunks and add to the malt biscuits.

Warm 120g Butter – I prefer normal salted butter – and 1/2 a tin (200g) of Sweetened Condensed Milk in microwave until pretty liquid (or do what I did and use a hairdryer under the bowl because your microwave is broken). Mix crushed Malt biscuits, lollies, butter and condensed milk together.

Tip out onto a cutting board once combined, then use your hands to form into a firm log shape. The heat of your hands is key to getting a good texture as it will help combine everything.

Roll in coconut, wrap with foil or clingfilm and chill in fridge for 4 hours.


When set, cut into slices and serve.

1-20130727_151131-001 1-20130727_151348

If you ask pretty much any Kiwi for ‘the slice’ that they miss when living in another country, it’s Lolly Slice. I know rather high brow Brits who squeal when offered Lolly Cake, and Kiwis who track down dairy-free condensed milk in order to make it. It’s also pretty well known here in the UK that if you want to ask a Kiwi for a favour, it’s Lolly Slice you want to make.

Ps. Did you need proof that Lolly Slice is as Kiwi as you get? I have photographic proof of girls dressed as Lolly cake, standing outside London’s Parliament Square on Waitangi Day.


Thanks so much Emma for that fabulous recipe! I’ve loved swapping my Cherry Bakewell Post with you. Not sure I’ll ever dress up like a Lolly Slice (or a Cherry Bakewell for that matter!). I have definitely moved to the dark side and I even find myself saying ‘aye’ at the end of sentences now….. It’s a slippery slope!


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Kiwi Lolly Slice (recipe from Emma at Adventures of a London Kiwi)

  1. Eskimo or Fruit puff lollies? Not sure I’ve ever seen these in the UK or am I being dense?

    Love the idea of the slice though, especially with a birthday party for my soon to be 7 year old just around a corner or two and said child saw the picture a minute ago and said “Cool! Can we try that?” 🙂

    • Yep they are a FIRM favourite with the Kiwi kids out here! Your 7 year old Mudlet will be the coolest kid on the block….not many lolly slices to be seen in the UK I bet 🙂 Have to admit I’m not sure where you’d locate Eskimo or Fruit Puff lollies (lollies are sweets by the way). I’ll ask my Kiwi “Twin” where she found them in London!!

      • You can get the Biscuits & Eskimos delivered by Southern Cross Deli or Tescos/Jimbucks in Hammersmith,London (strange I know!). Banana’s could work fairly well, Shrimps I found to be a little dense. I made the slice with UK Malt biscuits one time, but you need to use less condensed milk or maybe Rich Tea biscuits as they are more porous.
        I’ve discovered a coffee shop with 6 London branches that sell Lolly Cake – Kiwi heaven!!

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