Magical, Minty Cleaner


I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning my house. I don’t enjoy the endless cycle of removing dirt and dust from the same surfaces week in week out. I certainly don’t get a glow of pleasure at my shiny floors after a strenuous workout with the steam mop or my gleaming windows after a vigorous rub down. However, recently, something has given me a little glow on the cleaning front; just a little glow but a glow none the less. My latest green cleaner is a little gem; a peppermint gem of a cleaner and I love it. I got the recipe from Wendyl Nissen and after reading the comments on her web site I felt compelled to make it for myself. It’s another oh-so-simple recipe; so simple in fact that you’ll wonder if it really works;  it really does….

You only need :
1 cup Baking soda
1 Tablespoon Cream of tartar
10ml Liquid Castille soap
Enough water to make into a paste

Simply add the powders to a container with an air tight lid then add the soap and peppermint essence. Mix together and start adding a little water to make a paste consistency.


It’s such a pleasure to make this because of the minty smell and the consistency is light as air and all whippy, fluffiness. It reminds me of making peppermint fondants yum! Apparently this mixture expands and fizzes and, while it didn’t react like that for me, I feel I ought to warn you in case! To be safe leave the lid off the container for a few hours to allow for expansion. I use this as a bathroom cleaner but feel free to use in the kitchen too (great for ovens as there’s no toxic residue). Here it is in all it’s fluffy, pepperminty glory!


You will probably find yourself cleaning lots of things after making this (can’t guarantee this enthusiasm will last forever!). You will ooh and ahh over the pleasant smell and be mildly amazed at how little of the mix you need to make your taps sparkle. You may try it on that annoying stain on the carpet “just to see”. You may even tell a friend about this cleaning product. Whatever you do, enjoy the moment safe in the knowledge that you have reduced the chemical load in your house and instead enveloped it in minty loveliness!


3 thoughts on “Magical, Minty Cleaner

  1. Hey Sarah that sounds great! I made one recently using white vinegar, orange peel, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Let it sit for a month or so and then hey presto. Gorgeous smelling cleaner which I use in my chicken coop!

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