The Muesli Bar Challenge #2

Oaty Ginger 5

This next recipe isn’t strictly a muesli bar; it looks like a muesli bar but is, in fact, a slice. A slice is a very Kiwi Thing. In the UK we talk of fairy cakes, flap jacks, sponges but The Slice is the bake of choice in New Zealand. I’m a bit of a convert and rush to make the following slice at any opportunity. My Creative Baker Friend from Auckland gave me this recipe as her “go to” recipe for lunchbox treats. It’s supposed to have a ginger icing topping but I’ve never added it. I opted out because icing can be very messy in a lunchbox and once I’d eaten a bite unadorned with icing I really didn’t think it required anything else; it was perfect as it was.

Oaty Ginger 1

Preheat oven to 170c and grease and line your square tin. Then simply melt the butter with the sugar and golden syrup. I accidentally photographed my Self Raising Flour (oops lucky I realised in time) but just use plain flour.

Oaty Ginger 2

Weigh out the dry ingredients and combine. Spoon the gloriously gingery scented mix into the tin and bake for 25 minutes.

Oaty Ginger 3

If you’re going to make the icing leave to cool completely.

Oaty Ginger 4

Taste – sweet, gingery and more-ish
Sweetness – it is sweet but the ginger tones it down
Crunch factor – Crunchy round the edges but more toothsome than crunchy
Crumble factor – this is a crumble-free slice. Perfect for lunchboxes or snacking on the run
Verdict from the Little People – “Yay Ginger Slice!” scoff scoff, gulp, munch
Overall Rating – You’ll make this time and time again and love it more and more 9/10

Thank you New Zealand for The Slice!


4 thoughts on “The Muesli Bar Challenge #2

  1. Just made a coffee & walnut cake, a marble cake, a dozen cupcakes, energy slices, lemon drizzle and a good ole Victoria sponge …. Not all for me I hasten to add …. On cricket tea duties today!!!! Next time I’ll add in a kiwi slice :0)

    • Your cricket tea sounds awesome Emma! There’s nothing like an English afternoon tea but I’m sure a Kiwi slice will definitely fit in next time! I’ll add a few more on my blog in the next few weeks and you can let me know the cricketers’ opinions!

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