The Muesli Bar Challenge #1

Tea and museli bar

I love to bake; especially for my family and friends. I bake for many reasons but one of the most pertinent ones is I like to think my baking creates memories for my children; coming home from school to the delicious smell of Mum’s Apple cake was always a delight for me as a child. My Teacher Friend summed it up recently. She said how she remembers fondly the baking her Mum used to create and how she too wanted to do the same for her children. As S. J Watson said in the brilliant novel “Before I go to Sleep”, “What are we if not an accumulation of our memories?” (page 164) so, lets start creating memories!

I’m starting with the humble muesli bar. I decided to set myself the challenge of finding the best Muesli bar recipe ever. Most muesli bar recipes call for a similar roll call of ingredients including rolled oats, dried fruit, coconut but the difference lies in the wet ingredients. The wet ingredients can make or break a muesli bar; some make for a crumbly affair and others have you ringing up your dentist for an appointment they’re so hard. I’m going to try and find the perfect one and will start with the Kiwi Classic Cook Book the Edmonds Cookery Book.

Edmonds Cookery Book

The recipe calls for ingredients that I have in my cupboard today – hurray!


First melt the butter, apricot jam and golden syrup over a low heat.

First shot

In a large bowl measure the remaining ingredients. I used cranberries instead of raisins for a change.

Dry ingredients

Simply combine the melted wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and press into a square tin.

Mixture ready to mix

After 25-30 mins in the oven at 180c you should have something like this…..

Cooked Museli Bar

So my criteria for testing (should try and be professional about this!) are as follows:

Taste – Love the toasted nuttiness of the seseme seeds
Sweetness – perfect; not too sweet at all
Crunch factor – A bit of crunch and nice and chewy
Crumble factor – My piece crumbled (but I had just taken it out of the oven!) but once cooled they hold together well
Verdict from the Little People – scoffed half the tin so I’m taking that as a good sign
Overall Rating – I think this is a very deserving little muesli bar 8/10.

Well Done Edmonds!


10 thoughts on “The Muesli Bar Challenge #1

  1. The clincher is always the verdict from the little people round here. If I get a thumbs up from them, it’s all good. (Means I don’t have to eat all the remainder of what ever I just baked.)
    Well done indeed Edmonds 🙂

  2. I made a version of these last week (used what i had in the cupboards) …….. they didn’t last long! Great recipe :0) Big thumbs up from the kids!

  3. Hi there, I can’t quite make out the ingredients/quantities for the edmonds energy bars? Any chance you could tell me what they are? Would love to make them today. Thanks

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