Seeing Red

Autumn Poem

My beautiful daughter, Little Lady, wrote a rather marvellous poem about Autumn. I thought I’d share it with you and use it to start my Autumn post. After a long, hot summer we are all in a state of shock as autumn’s nippy little fingers have finally got their clutches on us. It was a cool 9 degrees on the school run yesterday morning and we got the Big Blankets out (affectionally named The Walrus) for the beds. The garden has been a tapestry of reds, pinks, purples, oranges and yellows; a real feast for the eyes. Even though our Autumn this year has felt more like summer, I’ve still been reaching for my Soup Book. I’ll write a blog about soup soon and share some of my favourite recipes. For now, here are some autumnal photos from my garden.

red leavesBurgundy LeavesSolo LeafTree

And some red photos because….well just because really!

Keep Calm TinCushionsBooksBagHearts

And I end this post with my seductive, glossy, hot chilies tucked away in the greenhouse just waiting for me to pick them and turn them into their destiny; otherwise known as Chili Jam. More on this in another post. So much to write about!


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