I do love a Road Trip

The summer just doesn’t seem to want to end this year. We’re into May and still enjoying warm temperatures and blue skies. Perfect excuse for a little road trip to end the school holidays. My lovely Sporty Friend had mentioned an event in the Tongariro National Park a while ago and we decided to Give It A Go with our hubbies and various little rascals. The Tongaririo National Park is a place of Exceptional Natural Beauty and this event enables you to cycle 48km, run 11km or walk 6.5km whilst enjoying the surroundings including the impressive (and not a little bit scary) Mount Ruapehu which is an active volcano; one of the world’s MOST active in fact. It translates as “pit of noise” or “exploding pit” from the Maori language. I thought the walk sounded like a Good Idea especially with little legs to encourage along the way. So, off we went.

Mt Ruapehu
Mt Ruapehu is there amongst all that cloud – honest!

I was a bit surprised at the pace everyone set – especially the older children in our group. I hung back to take a few photos of the beautiful scenery (and to snatch a sneaky breath!)

Walk view 3Walk View

Walk view 2

There was a real buzzy atmosphere to the event and the children got a lot of encouragement from other eventers. This gave me the warm fuzzies and made me Very Glad to have Made The Effort! My Crazy Friend ended up carrying her Small One up the final hill. A cyclist whizzed past her yelling “You’re the best Mum in The World!” Ahhh…. I love the kiwi people!


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