Quite Quincey

One of the fruit trees in my garden is a Quince tree. Here it is in all it’s autumnal glory.
The Quince Tree Quince 1

Until I had a quince tree of my very own I hadn’t really given much thought to Quinces and I found the fruit a bit of a puzzle to say the least. It’s a bit of a battleaxe of a fruit with it’s knobbly, ungainly shape and tough exterior and totally inedible unless cooked. However, it’s perfume is really evocative – a sweet, syrupy blossommy scent that permeates from it’s downy skin. Just scrum-diddly-umptious.

Quince 3

I’ve picked a few today to because my friend left a lovely message for me on my answer phone telling me about the “blossommy scents of Quincey-ness” wafting around her kitchen as she made quince jelly with my quinces. I too wanted some quincy wafting to happen in my kitchen. so I picked some…..

Quince 2

and started to cut them up keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t lose a finger in the process……

Quince 5

After a mammoth effort of boiling up the quince, peel, pips, core and all and leaving to drip through a muslin bag over night and then some more boiling (phew!) here are my little potlets of quincey blossom juice aka Quince Jelly.

Quince Jelly


3 thoughts on “Quite Quincey

    • Hello! My post isn’t very informative is it! Well it was my first one I suppose šŸ™‚ I’ll make a new one this year with full instructions…. However, for you here goes…. Cut your quince up into chunks, put in a large preserving pan and cover fruit with water. Simmer 1 hour until soft. Leave to cool then place in a jelly bag/muslin and strain overnight. Don’t prod the fruit to get the juice out as it will make the jelly cloudy. Measure out the juice and for every cup of juice add 1 cup of sugar. Add to clean preserving pan. Its really important to dissolve the sugar completely before you crank up the heat and get the jelly boiling. Allow to boil for 5 mins then test for setting point. Boil for a little longer if necessary (10mins maybe depending on how much fruit you started with). Pour into sterilised jars and enjoy!!!

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